Help Save Starving Afghanis From The Claws of Hunger

9 out of 10 households in Afghanistan are starving due to the hunger crisis. Your donation can help us put food on their tables.


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Human Concern International (HCI) is a registered charity in Canada and 501(c)(3) in the U.S.

It comes as no surprise that after 43 years of war Afghanistan has been left suffering from EXTREME POVERTY; 18.9 million people are currently facing acute food insecurity—with nearly 6 million facing emergency-level food insecurity, and 2 million children malnourished.

As though a war wasn’t enough of a tragedy, international aid has stopped due to sanctions, and the Afghan people are left on the mercy of their own fate without the basics of survival.

Through all the uncertainty that surrounds their lives, there’s one thing they’re absolutely certain of:


What Is Happening in Afghanistan Right Now?

Afghanistan’s hunger crisis is growing in severity and complexity. Due to unstable political and economic conditions, the country is on the brink of collapse. Their local currency is at its lowest and food prices are constantly rising, resulting in more Afghans facing food shortages than ever before.

In 25 of 34 provinces, malnutrition is above the emergency threshold—and is only getting worse. After a few months, 50% of children below five and 25% of breastfeeding and pregnant women will need life-saving nutritional support.

As winter sets in, hunger will bite hardest. Heavy snowfall will cause road blockages leaving many communities stranded.

There will be no way for families to cope with the harsh season, UNLESS your donations reach Afghan households in time.

How Your Donation to Afghanistan Helps Children

In these dire circumstances, the international community must unite and do whatever it can to help the people of Afghanistan. Together, we can prevent this crisis from becoming an even bigger humanitarian catastrophe.

HCI is an organization on a mission to help those in need. We have been working with reliable and experienced partners on the ground who have been tirelessly putting your donations to work since 1979.

Since then, our partners have been able to help over 40 countries, spanning from the far East to the far West, sharing over $110 million in aid.

With the help and support of generous donors like yourself, our teams have been able to:

Set up a girls’ school in Afghanistan.
Establish resettlement projects in Bangladesh.
Launch mobile clinics in Egypt.
Provide life skills training in the horn of Africa.
Give ​school scholarships in Indonesia.
​Provide disability support in Iraq.
Carry out ​landmine removal in Lebanon.
Launch ​Housing & sanitization projects in Kashmir.
Produce olive oil for families in Palestine.
Provide ​mental health counseling in Pakistan.

Now, we aim to help the poverty-stricken people of Afghanistan in their battle with hunger. We want YOU to be our partner in this mission!

For just $30 a month, you can sponsor the food needs of one family. That’s one household less from starving to death.

Why You Should Donate

As winter approaches, Afghanistan plummets further into the merciless caverns of poverty, leaving its people defenseless against hunger; the risk to the lives of millions of Afghans amplifies.

Because of your donation:

Many families, otherwise forced to flee, will be saved
Child labor will reduce, which currently stands at 27%
Young Afghans will regain hope for a better future
You will find unparalleled satisfaction
You will inspire your own children, and others around you, to do good

For just $50 a month, you can sponsor the food needs of one family in Afghanistan.

That’s one household less from starving to death…

That’s an average of five lives that YOU have the capacity to save.

How many will you choose to save today?

How You Can Help


Can provide 1 child with a Food & Water Package for a month


Could provide 1 child with a Food, Water, & Hygiene Package for a month


Could provide 1 child with a Food, Water, Hygiene and Medical Kit for a month


Could provide a family of 7 with a Food Package for a month


Could provide a family of 7 with a Food & Water Package for a month


Could provide a family of 7 with a Food, Water, & Hygiene Package for a month

How It Works

About Our Charity Partner

Founded in 1979, our registered charity partner, Human Concern International (HCI), has been providing aid to 40+ countries around the world for the past 40+ years. Endorsed by various scholars, politicians, and influencers, HCI is also a registered charity organization in Canada and the United States, and is recognized as the FIRST ever Muslim charity. HCI launches an average of 70+ projects annually, and to date, has been responsible for distributing more than $200,000,000 of aid globally.

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